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In a year when the value of U.S. agricultural exports set a record, it’s not surprising that 2022 was also a record for agricultural exports from Nebraska. Nebraska agricultural exports that year were $9.97 billion, $763 million more than the year before. It was the third consecutive year with record exports.

Over the three years, overseas sales in Nebraska grew by $3.7 billion, or 60%. Nebraska was the fifth-largest agricultural exporting state, behind only California, Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota. Nebraska Farm Bureau’s latest edition of its annual trade report, Nebraska Agriculture and International Trade, In addition to analyzing statewide export figures, it also measures the value of 2022 exports for counties. (Figure 1).

Using crop production and the number of livestock in the province to weight state export figures between provinces; Platte County rose to the top of the state with a $245 million value from trade. Custer and Cuming counties followed closely with values ​​of $239 million and $233 million each. In total, six counties won $200 million, with Dawson, Holt and Phelps counties also surpassing the threshold.

It wasn’t until 2021 that a province exceeded the $200 million threshold for the first time. The counties least affected by trade in 2022 were Hooker, Thomas and Grant Counties, with less than $9 million in export value.FIGURE 1. EXPORT VALUE BY COUNTRY, 2022Source: Nebraska Agriculture and International Trade, Nebraska Farm BureauThe report also estimates the top exports for provinces (Figure 2). Soybeans were the most important export product for most provinces in 2022. Forty-six provinces had the largest export value of soybeans, an increase of 23 provinces compared to 2021.

Corn was the most important commodity for most provinces the previous year. The number of counties with corn as their top export fell from 41 in 2021 to 13 in 2022. The change in position reflects the state’s total exports in 2022, where soybeans surpassed corn. The number of provinces with beef as the main export product increased by four to 31 in 2022. And wheat was the most important export region in three provinces.

The geographical distribution of the main export commodities highlights regional differences in agricultural production. Counties with soybeans as their primary export are located in the eastern third of the state where soybean production is most prevalent. Counties with corn as their main export are spread throughout the central and western parts of the state.

Beef continues to dominate as the top export in the Sandhills and northern Panhandle, regions where beef production is significant. And wheat dominates in counties in the Southern Panhandle and Southwest.

2021 2022
Source: Nebraska Agriculture and International Trade, Nebraska Farm Bureau
The report underscores the importance of the agricultural trade to Nebraska. In 2022, the value of soybean exports amounted to 55% of the revenues received by soybean producers. In fact, every other row of soybeans in the state is produced.

Moreover, the value of corn exports corresponded to 20% of the income received by corn producers, one in five rows. The report also illustrates how the ebb and flow of trade can affect provinces and local communities. For example, the shift from corn and soybeans to the main export products between the provinces. Finally, the report can show how trade policy and global geopolitics affect manufacturers’ bottom lines.

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