Caleb Driskill leads Wyoming’s ‘Hybrid Crew’ into 2024

LARAMIE – “The Hybrid Crew.”

The slogan stuck Caleb Driskills T-shirt really says it all.

Although the Gillette product was known as a road grader during its tenure at Wyoming, it paved the way for running events like Xazavian Valladay, Titus Swan And Harrison Wayleehis versatility was on display this spring.

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The senior fullback is not just a battering ram.

“Absolutely, especially with the offensive change,” Driskill said, adding that he has been lined up at tight end and even in the slot. “Just the way we’re doing it now, I’m definitely going to have to help out a little bit more, and I like that.”

Johannes Michael Gyllenborg, Isaac Schoenfeld And Clay Nanke were the only healthy tight ends through the team’s 15 spring practices, forcing Driskill into the mix. When Nick Miles returns from injury and true freshman Hunter Kalstrom And Jake Wilson arrive on campus, will that still be the case?

Jay Zavel doesn’t quite show his hand yet.

“He has value and things he can play well with and he can play fullback. You can do different things with him,” the first-year Wyoming head coach said. “He’s got really good hands and he blocks well… So you know, some of that might look a little different once we get to the fall, once you get all your bodies.”


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Driskill admitted he was exhausted after the 100-plus open scrimmage, most of which saw him flying off the line to the opposing secondary. Conditioning, he added, will be a primary focus this season.

Sawvel said no matter what role Driskill plays, he feels “comfortable” knowing No. 36 is on the field.

That confirmation fell on deaf ears.

“It means a lot,” Driskill said. “It means my hard work is paying off. I just want to keep getting better. I just want to keep showing them that I can go out and compete, run routes, things like that. It’s not just hitting heads.”

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy the latter. He does.

Driskill also knows that plays in this new offensive scheme won’t necessarily be scripted anymore. His number can be called at any time. His position could also change.

“I think my favorite part is probably that we can get the most out of everything, you know? There’s really no limitations,” he said of Jay Johnson’s operation. “We can overwhelm a lot of defenses… I think that’s fun because you see defenses scrambling around as we run on the scene. Like I said, we can get the most out of every personnel.”

Trust certainly won’t be a problem.

“I know how he’s going to play,” Sawvel said with a smile. “I know how hard he’s going to play. So that’s great.”


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With just over eleven minutes left in the second quarter and the Cowboys trailing by two touchdowns in last September’s season opener, Andrew Peasley climbed under center inside the Texas Tech 5-yard line.

Wyoming lined up with “13 men” – three tight ends and a single tailback.

Don’t forget the fullback.

So did the visitors.

Driskill slid out of the backfield into the flat. With pressure on him, Peasley picked off a pass like that. Driskill reeled it in around the six and spun upfield, beating a safety to the white line before crashing into the end zone.

It was only his second career catch. It was his first career touchdown.

His party proved that.

Maybe that’s something he can work on before the season?

“I’m just going to focus on running my routes well and working on catching,” Driskill laughed. “When I get there, I probably won’t know what to do anymore, but you know what, at least I’m there.”

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