More than 5,200 warnings issued in the first month of Bensalem’s red light enforcement program

BENSALEM, Pa. (WPVI) — The Bensalem Police Department shared the results of the first month of its red light enforcement program.

They have issued more than 5,200 citations to vehicle owners for violations in the Bucks County community.

The red light cameras have been installed at two locations where a high number of collisions occur, officials told Action News when the program began.

The program launched April 1 at the intersections of Street Road at Knights Road and Route 1 at Old Lincoln Highway.

“One of the main reasons we installed it is because of the high number of accidents we’ve had there over the last five years,” Lt. Robert Bugsch of the Bensalem Township Police Department told Action News when the program launched.

The 6abc Data Journalism team found that in ten years there were 64 crashes on Street Road and Knights Road and 79 on Route 1 and Old Lincoln Highway.

To reduce these types of situations, police say they are trying to change drivers’ behavior with red light cameras.

Authorities also say that no profit is being made from this new technology.

“We chose this specific supplier due to the fact that the municipality did not have to incur any expenses and we do not receive any revenue from the violations, so it is not a revenue-generating program,” Bugsch previously said.

The 60-day grace period ends on May 31. After that, drivers will receive tickets, which is a $100 civil fine. It won’t affect your driving record, insurance rates or CDL status, officials say.

Police say their goal is to add more cameras to other intersections that could benefit from this program in the future.

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