Insider today: Etihad Airways ‘Apartment’ seats

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Welcome back to our Saturday edition! It’s a great time to be a homeowner in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Mission, Texas; New Haven, Connecticut; and 19 more cities where house prices are skyrocketing.

On the agenda:

But first: Tiny, tiny houses.

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Skinny houses, big drama

Could you live in a house that is 10 feet wide? Listen to me!

What if it had a garage, a very deep backyard for optimal outdoor living in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and had interesting features like a custom dining table?

That is the case for this meager house built out of spite because the neighbors did not want the house to be built on a remaining residual plot. It is available for around $600,000.

If you prefer to buy in the city, you’re in luck. Another House 10 meters wide built on a driveway in Washington, DC is also for sale for $580,000.

The broker told BI real estate reporter Jordan Pandy that zoning laws changed after the developer purchased the 0.02-acre property, forcing them to get a little creative. The result is one modern one bedroom home that offers enough space for a terrace.

While both homes are still on the market, these skinny homes are receiving a lot of interest, especially from buyers who prefer to use them as an investment property or as a vacation home. (And also from irritated neighbors.)

Whoever eventually comes to live here will have an intimate experience.

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Private apartments from Etihad Airways

Forget business class: Etihad Airways offers private apartments, or rooms with a closing door, a sofa that converts into a bed and a reclining seat. Guests can also reserve a shower during the flight.

One family used their airlines points to book the apartments. What would have cost $6,000 per person ended up costing $33 per person.

Take a look at the luxurious suites.

Guy Fieri has gotten into shape in recent years with intermittent fasting, HIIT, and rucking workouts. He said moderation is key.
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Big shitty deal

Rucking, the new fitness craze that involves walking, hiking or jogging while carrying weight, has caught the attention of celebrity chef Guy Fieri.

As part of his wellness routine, Fieri said he works out in the hills around his home a few times a week — and that it has helped him lose 30 pounds in recent years.

Check out Fieri’s rucking routine.

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Fiona Chandra

Bungalows over the water (on a budget)

After staying at two different overwater resorts in the Maldives, the writer discovered that there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars for the experience.

Her first stay was at the Conrad Maldives, where rooms cost more than $700 a night. She also stayed at the South Palm Resort, where an overwater villa can cost around $300. The first stay was more luxurious, but the budget option was just as nice.

Visit the Maldives on a budget.

Rory and Casey Jones built a villa in Bali.
Rory Jones

Building a house in Bali

Despite never visiting the Indonesian island, an Australian couple built an investment property in Bali.

The couple spent approximately $143,000 building their two-story villa from scratch. While they currently rent it out on Airbnb, they hope to retire to the villa in the next five or six years.

How they did it.

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