Max the Cat receives an honorary doctorate from Vermont State University

In a delightful move, Vermont State University’s Castleton campus has awarded an honorary degree of “Doctor of Literature” to Max the Cat, a pooch celebrated for his affable presence on campus.

Forget the mousing or napping – Max will be honored for his unparalleled kindness and status as a beloved member of the university community, just ahead of the students’ graduation ceremony on Saturday.

“Max the Cat has been an affectionate member of the Castleton family for many years,” the school announced in a proud Facebook post.

The popular tabby lives with his human family just down the street from the main entrance to campus. But for almost four years now, Max has managed to charm students by regularly entering the university grounds for a nice moment.

Max’s owner, Ashley Dow, beams that he has started hanging out with the students, who love him. They pick him up, take selfies with him and he even likes to go on tour with prospective students.

Max has an uncanny knack for knowing when to join campus tours, following groups from Dow’s house across the street without fail. Ashley Dow marvels that she doesn’t even know how to go, but he does.

Max’s fame also extends beyond the current student population. Returning graduates often ask Dow about the well-being of the famous cat, affectionately referring to her as “Max’s mom.”

Although Max will not physically attend the graduation ceremony, his honorary title of “Doctor of Literature” will be presented to his loving owner later.