Win a copy of Steven Rowley’s book ‘The Guncle Abroad: A Novel’

The book will be in stores from Putnam on Tuesday, May 21. Click the link to purchase a copy.

Patrick O’Hara is back. It’s been five years since his summer as a caregiver to his niece Maisie and nephew Grant after the death of their mother. The kids are back in Connecticut with their father, and Patrick has moved to New York to stay close and revive his dormant acting career. After the series of his second successful sitcom comes to an end, Patrick feels on top of the world. . . professional. But some things had to take a back seat. Patrick looks at fifty in both barrels and is single again after breaking up with Emory. But at least he has a family to lean on. Until that family has to lean on him again.

When Patrick’s brother, Greg, announces he is getting remarried in Italy, Maisie and Grant are not happy. Patrick feels drawn to take the two under his wing again. As they travel through Europe on their way to the wedding, Patrick does his best to help them understand love, just as he once helped them understand grief. But when they arrive in Italy, Patrick is overloaded with managing a groom with cold feet; his sister Clara flirted with guests left and right; a growing rivalry with the children’s charming launt-to-be (lesbian aunt), and two moody young teens trying to adjust to the new normal, all culminating in a disastrous rehearsal dinner.

Can Patrick save the day? Will teaching the kids about love help him repair his own love life? Can the change of scenery help Patrick finally grow up? Steven Rowley graces the page with his signature blend of humor and heart, charming with a beloved story about the complicated bonds of family, love and what it takes to rediscover yourself, even at the ripe old age of fifty.

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