Jimmy Fallon jokingly discovers another ridiculous ‘lie’ in Kristi Noem’s book

Jimmy Fallon was completely baffled Monday by Kristi Noem’s apparent inability to remember what she wrote in her own book.

South Dakota’s Republican governor gave bizarre, evasive answers in several interviews over the past two days after it was reported that she appeared to have made up an anecdote about meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un when she was a congresswoman.

Her spokesperson had already acknowledged on Friday that it was an error and said it would be corrected.

Despite this, she refused to give straight answers when asked point-blank on Sunday whether she had met Kim or not.

“As soon as this was brought to my attention, I definitely made some changes and looked at this passage,” she told CBS. “I have met many world leaders. I have traveled around the world.”

Fallon scratched his head during “The Tonight Show.”

“When it came to your attention?” he asked. “You wrote the book!”

“Meanwhile, that’s not the only lie in the book,” he joked, as a fake page from the memoir appeared on the screen. “Take a look at the dedication: ‘To my wonderful husband, Ryan Gosling.’”

Check out the rest of his roast below.