As waters begin to recede from severe storms in southeast Texas, officials are beginning to look at roads destroyed by flooding.

LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) — As parts of Southeast Texas begin to recover from storms, we can still see firsthand the damage left on roadways after heavy rains and knee-high flooding.

Most roads were closed after the weekend as they were impassable due to rising water.

Houston TranStar reported several highways closed due to high water, including many that remained closed as of Monday.

One central link from Houston to smaller cities, the US-90 bridge over the Trinity River, had to be closed as a precaution. The Texas Department of Transportation reopened the bridge at a limited capacity, allowing eastbound traffic on two lanes. However, westbound lanes remain closed due to high water.

Elsewhere, ABC13 went to Liberty County after receiving a tip of a collapsed bridge, FM-787, a major roadway for residents in the area.

The photos show a wide rectangular hole in the middle of the road, cordoned off in both directions. The bridge reportedly bent in the aftermath of the flood.

“We are dealing with a catastrophe here,” Romayor resident Nancy Murphy said.

Murphy said the community needs help with supplies.

The detour around the collapsed bridge is over an hour’s drive.

“Once the water recedes and we can get out, it’s going to be an hour’s drive to get to and from Cleveland here, and people just can’t afford that. This is a low-income community here,” Romayor said. said resident Sonia McMerrin.

A Red Cross spokesperson said they will try to bring supplies to the area.

The nearest Red Cross location for supplies is at 1103 N. Dunbar Ave. in Livingston, which is still a long drive for some near Romayor.

A TxDOT spokesperson could not say when crews would begin and/or complete bridge repairs, explaining that conditions are currently hazardous.

Another major closure occurred just north of Houston in the Rio Villa area. Harris County Precinct 3 Commissioner Tom Ramsey posted a photo on X, formerly known as Twitter, showing the uneven washed road.

The commissioner stated that they will work with Precinct 3’s Road and Bridge crew to work on emergency repairs once the water recedes.

Agencies have begun assessing and repairing damage in certain areas affected by floods and storms.

FEMA and state officials were in Montgomery County on Monday urging those with damage to report it so they can receive federal assistance.

Yet the threat of encountering water on the streets and highways is not over yet. Officials are asking residents to use caution and not drive in an area with high water.

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