Check out the new store opening soon at the Mall of America in Minnesota

A new store is making its debut in Minnesota and will arrive in time for all our summer fun on the lakes. That’s a good thing because this place is THE home base for all the swimming gear you need.

For the first time, a popular store is bringing summer fun to Minnesota

When someone thinks of Minnesota, they think of people who live in igloos and snow all year round (which is one of the many myths of our state!) or they know of the enormous building filled with over 520 stores that is the Mall of America . If anyone decides to go shopping while hanging out in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, there’s a new store opening soon in MOA that people are going to love!

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Chubbies will open soon at the Mall of America in Minnesota

Coming soon to Level 1, South at the Mall of America in Minnesota is a store that has everything you need to enjoy a day at the lake! Or, if you’re like me and don’t want fish touching your feet, just lie on the boat and enjoy the sun.

Chubbies, known in Texas, Vegas, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina, is packing up the trucks and heading north.

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Here’s what you’ll find at the new Chubbies store coming to Minnesota

According to the press release sent out by the Mall of America, Chubbies is a “lifestyle clothing brand best known for its short shorts and swim trunks.” You’ll find a wide variety of clothing for men, as well as items for boys and toddlers that offer an amazing range of patterns, colors and sizes to suit all shoppers. If you want something neutral, they have it. If you want something bold and eye-catching, that’s available on the racks too.

“Our customer base continues to grow in the Midwest, and this is our opportunity to meet them wherever they are. We strive to create an environment where customers can discover, interact with and enjoy our products while having an unforgettable experience.”

– Kent Collins, vice president of Chubbies Owned Retail

When does Chubbies plan to open at the Mall of America?

You may find yourself making a few trips to the pool and lake before Chubbies opens, but don’t let that stop you from exploring the new spot once it opens. Chubbies is currently scheduled to open in late summer 2024.

Check out a sneak peek of what you’ll find at the new Chubbies store at the Mall of America on their website here.

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