Trump is a ‘fake Republican’

Unlike former Attorney General Bill Barr, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and other Republicans who criticized Donald Trump to ultimately support him, former Georgia Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan has thrown his support behind Joe Biden .

Duncan, now a CNN political commentator, appeared on Laura Coates Live Monday evening after the publication of his opinion piece in the Atlanta Journal Constitutiondescribing Biden as a “decent person with whom I disagree on policy,” while Trump is “a criminal defendant with no moral compass.”

Duncan told Coates that Republicans are fooling themselves if they think Trump is a Republican, saying “we’ve done this long enough.”

“He doesn’t represent our brand. He does not represent our future. He’s a terrible person right now. We watch that hour by hour in court, and we’ve driven this square peg through a round hole long enough, and it’s time to turn the page. It’s time to move on,” Duncan said.

“If we want to heal as a party and really get back to doing the things we should be doing – and that is being conservative, but not angry or crazy or liars – we need to turn the page on Donald Trump immediately.”

Duncan, who refused to agree with Trump’s false claims of fraud in the 2020 election, chose not to seek re-election in 2022. He has since called out the likes of McConnell, Barr and New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, once calling Trump “damn crazy” — for supporting the indicted former president, including in his op-ed Tuesday.

At the same time, Duncan wrote that voters should choose Republican candidates in down-ballot races to help prevent Biden’s legislative agenda. When Coates asked if that would just lead to gridlock, Duncan responded by saying that would still be better than a second Trump term.

“Does anyone think anything will be done if Donald Trump becomes president? I mean, all he’s going to do is go on this vendetta tour around the world. Nothing’s going to happen. In fact, I would argue that more damage would be done,” Duncan said, reiterating his call for a Republican majority in Congress to have “meaningful checks and balances” during a Democratic administration. “I’m voting for a decent person with whom I disagree on policy regarding a criminal defendant who has no moral compass.”

Duncan also rejected the idea of ​​voting for a third-party candidate.

“Sometimes the best way to learn your lesson is to be defeated, and Donald Trump must be defeated. We must move on as a party. We have to move on as a country,” he said.

Moreover, he added, “thinking that Donald Trump is a sincere conservative is simply fake news at its best.”

“Donald Trump is not a conservative. During his presidency, he rationed $8 trillion in debt. He told us he was going to build a wall. He built a photo station on the border. This guy is a fake Republican. We must move on as Republicans. We have to. And this is our first step.”

Duncan’s support for Biden could put more spotlight on the voting intentions of high-profile Republicans like Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), who appears more likely to support Biden than Trump, based on comments he made last fall . Former Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney, while strongly opposing Trump’s campaign, has also not supported Biden.