Forensic expert says Las Vegas family’s chilling alien video is ‘authentic’

An expert has come forward to authenticate a chilling backyard video captured by a shocked family.

The Kenmore family of Las Vegas, Nevada, began recording as evidence after someone responded to a sighting they couldn’t exactly explain in April 2023.

The Las Vegas family believes aliens have come to their homeCredit: Tiktok/Corrymarilyns
They pointed out that in the video it looked like a head was hovering over their fenceCredit: Tiktok/Corrymarilyns

They were convinced that something “not human” or alien was in their backyard that night.

“I have no explanation for what it is,” Angel Kenmore told News Nation in April.

“You know, kind of weird. I have no idea what it is.”

The family called police and the incident was investigated after officers noticed an unexplained flash in the sky that same night, News Nation reported Tuesday.

The video has now caught the attention of a forensic expert who is trying to decipher what is happening.

Scott Roder of “Evidence Room” Animation and Exhibits and his team tested the video to ensure it was not altered.

They tested what the video could have debunked.

But Roder confirmed that the video was an authentic and raw recording.

“There is no editing. That is an original video,” Roder told News Nations.

“We tried to debunk it to see if anything had been added to the video.

“All our results came back because they were authentic.”

Traumatized Las Vegas family who encountered ‘aliens’ in backyard, now plagued by ‘demonic activity’ at home

Roder watched the video for hours to determine what the sighting was.


He eventually became certain that there was some sort of “creature” in the video after motion capture software picked up a moving body.

The Kenmore family originally thought they only saw one inhuman sighting in the video.

Roder is convinced that two separate beings appear at the same time.

“We took the vector motion – points in space… and then linked it to a figure in the background to show that the motion of the shadow reflects the motion of a body attached to the head,” he told News Nation.

At one point the object in question resembles a floating head above a fence.

The motion tracker recorded movement under the fence that Roder believes belongs to the head-like object.

We don’t believe it’s a floating head. We think it’s attached to a body. And the movement of that head from right to left corresponds to the movement we see between the slats of the fence.”

Scott Roder Evidence Room” Animation and exhibits

“We don’t believe it’s a floating head,” he said.

“We believe it is attached to a body.”

“And the movement of that head from right to left corresponds to the movement we see between the slats of the fence.”

In conclusion, Roder believes that there are creatures in the video that could resemble aliens.

“It’s there. It’s absolutely there,” Roder said.