Ducks recruiting wins, Blazers coaching shuffle, WNBA prospects and a Montana pub crawl

Oregon head football coach Dan Lanning takes a selfie with students as the Ducks take on the No. 9 Arizona Wildcats in a men’s basketball game at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, Oregon on Saturday, January 27, 2024.

Oregon continues to dominate the transfer portal with an incoming group of transfers considered the second-best in college football by one ranking.

Why is this happening now in Oregon? And what does it mean if the Ducks move to the Big Ten?

KOIN columnist Bill Oram and Brenna Greene explain on this week’s episode of the Oregonian Sports Podcast, while also answering a few listener questions.

Other topics covered in this episode:

• What to read about the Blazers parting ways with two more assistant coaches as Chauncey Billups prepares for his fourth season at the helm

• Where do Portland’s WNBA expectations stand and is it still the city’s best hope for a new professional sports franchise?

• A request from a listener: for Bill and Brenna, both former Montana residents, to identify some of the best watering holes in Big Sky Country.

Here’s the full episode:

–Bill Oram

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