After windows are smashed, a fight breaks out in Concord’s South End

Concord police were dispatched to Thorndike Street for a report of broken windows, juveniles fighting and children fleeing on foot and bicycle.

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CONCORD, NH – Concord police are investigating a fight involving at least a half-dozen teens and young adults in the South End Tuesday evening.

Just before 6:30 p.m., several officers were dispatched to Thorndike Street for a report of juveniles in the area and that a window had been smashed. One reportedly had a baseball bat. A second call came in about a minute later, with a witness reporting a fight broke out.


“Apparently people are fighting now,” one dispatcher said. ‘Seven people… there’s also a knife involved. Someone just got hit. I’ll start more units.’

More officers were dispatched to the intersection of Thorndike and Pierce streets as several juveniles and young adults dispersed from the eastern area on foot and bicycles.

The first officer reported “a large crowd” and “a lot of yelling and screaming” near the Concord Community Arts Center. The officer stated that three people who were cycling towards the city center from the crime scene were the suspects involved in the incident.

Other officers began searching the area in an attempt to find the suspects.

The youth and young adults initially interviewed by police ranged in age from 14 to 17 years old. Officers discovered that two car windows had been smashed with a rock during the incident.

Several parents and guardians were asked to pick up their children.

Around 7:30 p.m., officers began searching the area, looking for homes with security cameras that may have recorded the incident or for the young adults and youth who fled the scene. Other officers went to Eastern Avenue in Concord Heights to try to locate or question others who may have seen or been involved in the incident.

Concord NH Patch will update this report as more information becomes available.

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