Tornado causes extensive damage in Barnsdall, 1 resident confirmed dead

Governor Kevin Stitt surveyed damage in Barnsdall, Oklahoma on Tuesday after a tornado struck the small town. The powerful storm killed at least one person and injured several others on Monday.

Bob Mills Sky News 9 flew over Barnsdall, where the storm swept away 30 to 40 homes. The widespread damage extended as far as the eye could see. Many people lost everything during Monday night’s storm.

“It’s really devastating to this town,” said Barnsdall resident Brianna Halford.

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Closer to the ground, residents wandered through neighborhoods that resembled war zones. “Nothing like this has ever happened here,” said Barnsdall resident Billy Wells.

Neighbors sat together in closets for safety on Monday evening. Halford described what she heard. “You just heard a lot of loud noises and something banging around.”

Others left their homes to seek shelter elsewhere. “I told my wife we ​​better go to a shelter,” said Barnsdall resident Arlyn Hendricks. “So we went to the Nazarene Church.”

Arlyn Hendricks had to clean up 40 years of work and memories, but said he was grateful his house remained standing. “We have major damage to the roof. A tree fell through the roof,” Hendricks said. “Of course the garage here is gone, it’s been flattened, but it’s just stuff.”

While Hendricks’ belongings can be replaced, he says the loss of life cannot. Barnsdall city officials confirmed that one person was killed, several residents were injured and two people were initially reported missing. One of the missing has now been located. Residents also live without water, gas and electricity.

“They’re saying our power might not be restored for another three to four days,” Halford said. “It’s pretty bad. Power lines are down all over the roads.”

The only nursing home in Barnsdall was significantly damaged. The city’s mayor said all residents were safe and were being taken by bus to healthcare facilities in nearby towns.

Barnsdall High School’s gymnasium has become a hub for donations such as bottled water, food and other necessities for residents.