Authorities are searching for NJ man who has been missing for two weeks

Andre Rashon Karim Keith has been missing since Tuesday, April 23.

Police are looking for a South Jersey man who has been missing for two weeks.

Andre Rashon Karim Keith, 45, was last seen in Vineland on Tuesday, April 23, according to a social media post from The AWARE Foundation.

He is described as 6 feet tall, about 220 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. He also has the letters “DK” tattooed on his chest, the alert said.

He was last seen wearing a red Chicago Bulls jacket, a black hoodie, black pants and brown Timberland boots.

The circumstances of the man’s disappearance were not yet clear on Tuesday.

Vineland police are asking anyone with tips to call headquarters at 856-696-1212.

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