American wanted in the US on human trafficking charges arrested in Bangkok

Photo shows US citizen Selva Delano Mudaliar (C) led by officers.//AFP

Thailand’s anti-trafficking police have arrested an American who fled a 25-year prison sentence in the United States for kidnapping, sex trafficking and other crimes, officers said Tuesday.

Selva Delano Mudaliar was sentenced in March this year by a court in the US state of Oregon to at least 25 years in prison, according to a statement from Thai police, on 11 charges, including strangulation and coercion.

The 37-year-old fled to Thailand while on parole and lived in the kingdom for more than three months, “regularly changing hotels and apartments,” the police statement said.

He was arrested on Friday at a Bangkok condominium after the US Federal Bureau of Investigation asked Thai authorities for help, and is now facing extradition.

“It is believed that Mr. Selva knew he was wanted by the police,” Korkiat Wutthijamnong, a senior officer at the Royal Thai Police’s Human Trafficking Prevention and Combating Department, told reporters at a news conference.

He added that Thai police were concerned that Mudaliar would commit “similar forms of sexual violence as in the US, but in Thailand”.

Michael Chai, Legal Attaché at the US Embassy in Bangkok, thanked the Thai police.