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click to enlarge A man and a woman read a sign at the Alamo.  - Shutterstock / WKanadpon

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A man and a woman read a sign at the Alamo.

Welcome to Pension Mecca 2-1-0!

San Antonio is the city with the second-highest net influx of people age 60 and older moving here from out of state, according to a new study from financial site SmartAsset. Only Mesa, Arizona, attracted more older residents from out of state.

After Mesa and San Antonio, Henderson, Nevada; St. Petersburg, Florida; and Murfreesboro, Tennessee rounded out the survey’s top five retirement destinations, respectively.

The study evaluated 182 U.S. cities based on 2022 data from the U.S. Census Bureau and found that southern states are popular among retirees for lower taxes and warmer weather, among other things. Cities that ranked high on the list also generally had plentiful ways to spend free time and lower the cost of living, allowing retirees to boost their savings.

Texas ranked No. 4 on the list of states most popular among retirees. Florida, Arizona and South Carolina took the top three spots on the list, respectively. Of the 68,754 retirement-age individuals who moved to Texas in 2022, 4,102 ended up in San Antonio, according to the report.

However, SmartAsset’s research has some limitations. For example, the data does not take into account people who have moved cities within the same state or people who live in multiple cities year-round.

Perhaps the most glaring limitation, however, is that not all U.S. residents age 60 and older are retirees. Iindeed, studies show more Americans later in life compared to the 1980s.

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