How far ahead of the Big Ten is the Ohio State football team when it comes to recruiting?

The Ohio State football program owes its success to recruiting. They’re not just recruiting Ohio State or the Midwest. They recruit nationally and get the best players from all over the country. Their national reach is what makes them so dangerous.

Right now, the Buckeyes have the second-best recruiting class in the country. They also have the most five-star commitments of any program in the country. The only reason they aren’t currently ranked number one is because they only have 13 commits for the class so far. That number is going up.

So we know how well Ohio State is doing. How far ahead are they of the rest of the Big Ten Conference? The next best Big Ten team is USC with 5. The next highest Big Ten team in the recruiting rankings is Penn State with nine. In fact, those are the only three Big Ten programs currently in the top ten.

Wisconsin ranks 18th and Oregon 21st. Rutgers is 30th. Those are the only programs in the top 30. When you look at the rest of the Big Ten, Ohio State’s football program has as many five-star recruits as the rest of the conference combined. That’s a pretty strong recruitment if you ask me.

The Buckeyes are also looking to add a few five-star recruits. At worst, this will be a top-three class nationally. Where does Michigan rank in the rankings, you may wonder? Ohio State is still struggling on that front, as they are only ranked 36th.

Ohio State needs to turn these recruiting wins into actual wins on the field. This season is one that they are going all out for. Winning a national championship this season is their goal. Anything less will be a failure.