M25 Dartford There are serious delays at the crossing as roadworks take place to create new emergency areas

Motorists are facing serious delays on the M25 as roadworks take place near the Dartford Crossing. The traffic jam is on the M25 clockwise from J1a A206/QEII Bridge (Dartford) to J6 A22 (Godstone)

There is a traffic jam for several miles, back along the M26. One lane is closed on either side between J5 M26 and Clacket Lane Services. There is also congestion all the way back to Junction 27 with the M11 in Essex.

The work is all part of the South East Emergency Area Renovation Programme, which is part of the National Emergency Retrofit. And the reason for this is that National Highways creates additional emergency areas on parts of highways across the country known as ‘smart’ highways.

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‘All Lane Running (ALR) smart highways’ are designed to ease traffic flow, with some using the emergency lane as an additional lane. Technology is used to regulate traffic flow and reduce congestion.

The activities in the Southeast are as follows:

In Southeast-East, additional emergency areas are being constructed in phases on the following highways:

  • The M20 between junctions 3 and 5 in Kent – ​​four new emergency areas
  • The M25 between junctions 5 and 7 in Surrey and Kent – ​​nine new emergency areas
  • The M25 between junctions 23 and 27 in Hertfordshire & Essex – fifteen new emergency areas
  • The M3 between junctions 2 and 4A in Surrey & Hampshire – ten new emergency areas
  • The M4 between junctions 8/9 and 12 in Berkshire – twelve new emergency areas
  • The M27 between junctions 4 and 11 in Hampshire – two new emergency areas