“Donald Trump did the same thing”: Republican gubernatorial candidate Tammy Miller rejects donation to Minnesota Democrat

(Fargo, ND) — North Dakota’s lieutenant governor is responding to a claim from the Kelly Armstrong Campaign for Governor, which alleged she made a donation to a Minnesota Democrat for her presidential campaign.

Tammy Miller, one of the North Dakota GOP’s two gubernatorial candidates, says she has made many donations to many politicians, including Minnesota Amy Klobuchar’s campaign.

“I think it’s hilarious that this $1,000 donation has gotten out of hand,” Miller told Flag’s Scott Hennen. “Every CEO gives to a lot of political leaders. Donald Trump has done the same, if you look at his list of political contributions. I gave $1,000 to (Amy Klobuchar) and she was a big supporter of employee-owned companies (… ).)we needed that support in DC”

Gubernatorial candidate Tammy Miller joins The Flag’s What’s on your Mind this morning. Miller also spoke about key campaign positions, such as the need for a property tax cut, but did say she opposes Rick Becker’s property tax ballot proposal. She cites communities who spoke to her while she was campaigning, who she says are concerned about the loss of local control and a possible freeze on funds.

Other policy priorities include infrastructure, workforce, taxes and personal safety.