Teachers in Louisiana are not legally allowed to receive these gifts

As we approach the end of the school year here in Louisiana, one of the last “holidays” we celebrate is Teacher Appreciation Week. This week is a time when we recognize teachers for all they do for our students.

With testing now largely behind us, teachers are helping their students complete the school year while still ensuring they receive instruction every day.

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Sending a gift to your child (or children) teacher is a thoughtful gesture that shows you appreciate what the teacher has done throughout the year. It not only expresses gratitude for their hard work, but also promotes a sense of community and appreciation for the service they provide.

Teachers play a crucial role in educating and shaping the future generation, imparting knowledge, skills and values ​​that enable students to succeed academically and personally. By celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week, we recognize the importance of education and the tireless efforts of teachers to nurture and shape the minds and hearts of students.

It is a time to honor educators for their commitment to excellence and their unwavering dedication to the betterment of society through education.

Plus, a small token of appreciation can have a big impact on a teacher’s day. The nature of their work can be demanding, and a thoughtful gesture can brighten their mood, making the daily routine more enjoyable. It creates a virtuous cycle where appreciation encourages continued dedication and commitment to service.

Sending a gift for your children’s teachers also helps build a sense of community. In a world increasingly driven by digital communications, personal connections and a sense of community can sometimes be overlooked. By recognizing the role of the teacher in your community, you help create a friendly and supportive environment where everyone’s efforts are recognized and appreciated.

Additionally, leaving a gift sets an example for others in the community, fostering a culture of appreciation. It stimulates a ripple effect where individuals are inspired to express gratitude in different ways, creating a more positive and harmonious living environment.

But there’s a catch: because they work in the public sector, they can’t just receive a gift. In fact, it would be illegal for them to accept certain gifts!

What are the rules for gifts for teachers in Louisiana?

Just because they work in your local community, for your local school board, doesn’t mean they can accept just any gift. They are state employees, subject to §1115 of Louisiana’s Code of Governmental Ethics.

Teachers are allowed to receive gifts from current and former students, and it is one of the few exceptions to the state’s ethics law regarding gifts. The maximum value an accepted gift can have is $25, and the total value of gifts a teacher can receive from a student or former student in a calendar year is $75. Transgressing value boundaries is an ethical violation.

So small gifts and gift cards work. Some ideas could be:

-Coffee mugs
-Hand warmers
-Personalized, handmade crafts
-Gift cards

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But most importantly, thank teachers for the work they do. They often don’t hear it enough.

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