Sununu slams MA’s Healey: stick to raising taxes

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey (D) has apparently had enough of the “Don’t MASS Up New Hampshire” messages from GOP candidates for governor. She returned to the radio last week and told Granite State voters to come out and prevent their state from becoming another Florida.

Healey made her comments on left-wing radio station WGBH in Boston.

“Besides, for New Hampshire, race matters, and if you don’t want to be a state like Florida right now, with extreme abortion laws, you better vote for a Democrat right away in that gubernatorial election. , because abortion, democracy and so much more are at stake,” Healey told radio hosts Jim Braude and Margery Eagan.

Her slap inspired Governor Chris Sununu to respond.

“Massachusetts Democrats cannot scare New Hampshire voters,” Sununu told NHJournal. “The fact is that abortion will remain safe, legal and accessible in New Hampshire. No one is proposing changes to limit women’s access to health care.

“Maura Healy should stick to what she does best: proposing new taxes and new ways to waste her citizens’ money.”

Healey’s appearance on the monthly “Ask the Governor” segment also saw her boast about a series of modest tax cuts and credits she signed into law a year ago.

“These tax cuts are important because even though I grew up there, I don’t want people moving to New Hampshire,” Healey said.

However, Massachusetts is expected to spend money more than $1 billion annually to house the thousands of migrants flooding the state thanks to the ‘sanctuary’ pro-illegal immigration policies. State revenues have fallen, by one projected deficit of $1 billion, prompting Healey to announce $375 million in January cuts.

Earlier this week, Sununu took a shot at Healey during a New England Council breakfast Wednesday for “bragging about cutting taxes.”

‘That’s the same as me bragging about a salad. We all know it’s followed by a pack of Oreos,” he joked.

Healey’s hits in New Hampshire appeared to be sparked by Braude’s mention of a social media post by New Hampshire Republican gubernatorial candidate Kelly Ayotte. She has been deployed extensively the slogan “Don’t MASS up New Hampshire” during her campaign.

The tweet in question referred to a robbery allegedly committed by a Massachusetts resident in Ayotte’s hometown of Nashua.

“Shocker: Massive license plate involved in Nashua robbery,” Ayotte wrote. “Unlike @MassGovernor (Healey), I will not tolerate soft-on-crime policies. As Governor, I will ensure that criminals who come to New Hampshire from Massachusetts do not find sanctuary in our state.

Braude criticized Ayotte for “taking the low road” and asked for Healey’s response.

“That’s interesting. I don’t run in New Hampshire,” Healey said. “I’m just trying to run the state as best I can.”

Healey has, however endorsed former mayor of Manchester Joyce Craig, an endorsement that Craig has enthusiastically embraced. And Healey is no stranger to campaigning in the Granite State time spent in January promoting President Joe Biden’s write-in campaign after he completely ignored the Democratic presidential primary in New Hampshire at the behest of the Democratic National Committee.

Asked to comment on Healey’s response, Ayotte did not hesitate.

“Maura Healey and Joyce Craig are both using the same scare tactics to distract from the plans they have to fundamentally change New Hampshire into something that we are not,” Ayotte told NHJournal. “Do you want to be more like Healey’s Massachusetts, with a billion dollars spent housing illegal immigrants, higher taxes and less freedom, or do you want to keep New Hampshire on the path that Governor Sununu has set before us?

“That’s why I’m running for governor – to keep our state safe, prosperous and free.”

And Ayotte reiterated her pledge to leave New Hampshire’s current abortion law — the procedure is legal for any reason during the first six months of pregnancy — unchanged.

Former New Hampshire Senate President Chuck Morse, who is running against Ayotte in September’s Republican primary, also didn’t hesitate when asked about Healey’s comments.

“Uniform political rhetoric is failing in the Granite State, and let’s be clear: No one in New Hampshire is looking to Maura Healy for leadership, except the diehard progressives seeking her party’s favor,” Morse told NHJournal.

“Maura Healey should focus her attention on stopping the export of criminals and drugs into our state, rather than chasing imaginary windmills. It is time for her to do something about the alarming influx of criminals and drugs she is allowing into Massachusetts, instead of fixating on states that consistently produce positive results.”