‘He didn’t know how the scale ended up in his pants’

A police corporal spotted a silver Infinity entering a gas station parking lot and encountered a problem when entering the vehicle’s license plate into the state database.

It turned out that the license plate was of a blue 1997 Ford and that the driver’s arrest in Florida on the night of October 10, 2022 was not his last.

According to the arrest report, Timothy Alex Harms’ license had been suspended two months earlier, on August 17.

The officer waited for Harms to return from the store and drive away, after which he conducted a traffic stop.

“When I was about to inform Harms of his suspensions,” the arrest report said, “he said the license plate was from his Ford pickup.”

As for the Infinity: “The vehicle was not stolen, but was not registered or plated.”

The arrest report also stated that Harms consented to a search and the officer reported finding “an orange plastic bag containing a crystallized substance. I thought the substance was methamphetamine. I later tested the substance, which tested positive for methamphetamine.”

Then more problems.

“I asked Harms if he wanted to empty his pockets, if he wanted to do that.

“I saw Harms take a small digital scale from the right front pocket of his pants.

“I noticed a white residual substance on the scale that later tested positive for methamphetamine in the field.

“Harms said he didn’t know how the scale got into his pants, or how the bag got into his shaving pocket.”

He was booked after midnight and quickly posted his $5,000 bond, allowing him to be released from jail after less than three hours.

“Harms’ criminal history revealed multiple drug convictions,” the arrest report said.

Harms, 60, would be arrested again less than a year later.

That arrest report stated that his Infinity – with a different license plate that also belonged to a Flord pickup and was expired – was “at a known drug house.”

The hearings in the first case were postponed several times.

It was then announced on December 15, 2023 that a hearing would take place on January 8, 2024.

Then, on March 4, Harms’ bond was revoked and he was arrested for failing to appear on May 1.