New Hampshire and Maine are home to women’s soccer teams

Women’s Football Alliance

What comes to mind when you think of the word football? The N.F.L. College football. Fantasy football. No matter the league, no matter the level, it’s usually all the same: big, burly, strong men thrashing each other four quarters a week, all over a leather, shaky ball.

Unfortunately, you never immediately think of women, right? And when they do, it’s usually thoughts of a fun, less aggressive “powderpuff” type game.

But here’s the thing. That is not the Women’s Football Alliance. In fact, these strong women couldn’t be further from the term “powderpuff.”

Marina Dickey

Marina Dickey

According to their official website, the WFA has been breaking down barriers since 2009. Their National Championship was the first to be played in an NFL stadium in a women’s football league, as well as the first to have the game broadcast on national television. Currently, the WFA is the longest running and largest women’s football league in the world.

And Northern New England is blessed to be represented not once, but twice, in this historic competition.

Marina Dickey

Marina Dickey

Uprising in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Rebellion represented Division 3 in the WFA and was originally known as the Northeast Ruckus until they officially changed their name in February 2023.

The Rebellion’s members consist of “girls from all over the state who come to play,” according to Offensive Line Captain Marina Dickey, and “come from all walks of life.”

These girls are simply amazing. We share this common bond and love for the game (and) put a lot of work into it.

Marina Dickey

Marina Dickey

The Rebellion kick off their 2024 season on Saturday, May 11, taking on the Connecticut Ambush at Manchester High School West in Manchester, New Hampshire. It starts at 6:30 PM and admission is free.

Maine mayhem

The other representative of fierce, powerful women from Northern New England, the Maine Mayhem also represent Division 3 in the WFA and have been a force since their very first season in 2016, when they were members of the Independent Women’s Football League and made it all the way until that season’s Affiliate Championship game in Charlotte, North Carolina.

They haven’t taken their foot off the gas either, becoming the North East regional champions in 2023. Their 2024 season is already underway and sits at a 1-1 record at the time of writing.

How to play in WFA

According to the aforementioned NH Rebellion Offensive Line Captain, Marina Dickey, it is actually still possible to join one of the WFA teams if you are interested.

Women can participate virtually at any time, the only interruption being about halfway through the season due to playoff regulations. They can reach us via Facebook, our website or even just visit a practice.

And if you decide to take the plunge like Marina did in 2021 (which she almost didn’t, but as the trial date approached that year, she didn’t want to regret not at least trying), you’ll find that being part of the Rebellion, the Mayhem or any other WFA team is much more than just being a member of a team.

Marina Dickey

Marina Dickey

This team has done everything for me. It has kept me active and out of the house. It has given me 27 really good friends who I enjoy hanging out with, even off the field. I call it my therapy because I just feel better afterwards. When I step onto the field, my only concern is playing football with my friends.

And if you’re into the old border rivalry between New Hampshire and Maine, the Mayhem and the Rebellion will clash on Saturday, June 1, at Memorial Stadium in Portland, Maine. The kick-off is at 6 p.m.

Good luck to both the Rebellion and Mayhem with successful seasons, and we hope we have a Northern New England Regional Championship game at the end of this season!

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