Ernst explains the ‘Gr…

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) is calling out Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Jennifer Granholm for her statement that the Biden administration is “practicing what they preach” regarding saving energy in federal buildings, after a new report found that government buildings in Washington, D.C. are at 26 percent capacity and only eight people are reportedly showing up at DOE headquarters per day.

“Your release goes on to say that the administration will ‘provide resources, grant funding opportunities, training and technical assistance’ to achieve the goal of ‘net-zero emissions from all federal buildings.’ This sounds more like another excuse to spend taxpayer money on a Green New Deal jobs program as the Biden administration wastes money and energy operating empty office buildings across Washington DC while bureaucrats continue to work from home.” Ernst wrote.

The Public Buildings Reform Board, which conducted the visitor survey, has contacted DOE for clarification, but is still waiting for a response – perhaps because no one is home!

“If the government is serious about practicing what it preaches on energy conservation, instead of spending more money, you could stop paying to heat, cool, light and operate the ghost town of vacant buildings all over Washington , DC. Camouflaging new government expenditure in green does not save money or energy. You can go green without going overdrawn by reducing the size of unused and unnecessary government buildings. That’s the real green new deal for taxpayers!” Ernst concluded.

To know the full extent of wasted space, Ernst takes an inventory and asks for answers about space use to determine whether DOE should sell unused space, in accordance with the Federal Asset Sale and Transfer Act.

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