State v. Joseph Hart – Documents submitted and evidence collected by the defense

Joa and I have filed a motion for a continuance because we have not yet finished gathering evidence for his defense.

Interestingly, this is an example of the ‘Advance Notice Forms’ approved by the Goffstown District Court, where Joa signed things other than his name. He was given permission to film anonymously each time… but the Hillsborough District Court ordered him to leave and had him arrested for filming the same thing.

Our defense lies in a theory called “Entrapment By Estoppel” and RSA 626:3 II.

New Hampshire courts should not have any disparity in how they authorize people to film court proceedings. Having one creates situations like this.

The original trial date of 5/21/24 at 1:00 PM will hopefully be rescheduled for sometime in July.