‘Forbes’ names Columbus as one of the ten best cities to move to in 2024; here’s where and why we’re ranked

Most of us reading this probably already live in Columbus, or at least very close by. Luckily for us, we’re following the trend Forbes magazine.

In their most recent list of ‘The Best Cities to Move to in 2024’ they were ranked Columbus as the tenth best city, based on housing costs, cost of living, crime rates, air quality, quality of education, median income, labor force participation, weather, entertainment options, average travel time and net migration to the city.


Forbes gave Columbus an overall score of 74.63/100. They listed our average monthly housing costs at $1,203, a 97% employment rate, and a median household income of $63,284.

We feel pretty lucky to be there already. Send this now to your friend in LA who you’ve been begging to move to Columbus!

Here is the total list of them Forbes’ Best cities to move to in 2024:

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